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About Microsoft IT Showcase

Microsoft IT Showcase presents an inside view of the Microsoft IT process for developing, deploying, and managing Microsoft solutions—from Microsoft IT professionals to IT professionals—peer to peer.

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Microsoft Information Technology (Microsoft IT)

Microsoft Information Technology (Microsoft IT) drives global IT services for Microsoft, and develops and delivers new ways for customers to improve the operational efficiency of their desktop environments. The organization provides leadership in the design of integrated strategies, processes, and architecture, ensuring excellence in running a world-class utility. With services ranging from server and network operations to software deployment and end-user technical support, Microsoft IT delivers solutions that ensure predictable and trustworthy services for customers, clients, and partners. Microsoft IT is also responsible for protecting the security and privacy of Microsoft's digital assets and intellectual property.

Microsoft views IT as an instrumental vehicle in implementing business strategy, which is why Microsoft IT actively shares best practices from using Microsoft technologies to deliver tangible business solutions while reducing costs and increasing productivity. The challenges, solutions, and benefits Microsoft experiences by using its own products and technologies are captured in IT Showcase award-winning content.

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Microsoft IT Showcase Content

Microsoft IT Showcase delivers written and multi-media content that shares our best practices and cost saving scenarios so you can make decisions about how best to plan for, deploy, and manage Microsoft solutions in your own environment.

Content descriptions
Content Type Length Descriptions


2 - 5 pages

Discussions of Microsoft IT strategies, tactics, and processes that lend insight into the organization's position on industry initiatives.

Business Case Studies

3 - 5 pages

Discussions of the situation, solution, and business benefits gained from implementing Microsoft IT solutions within the Microsoft global enterprise.

Content Summaries

1 page

Brief overviews and download links to associated demonstrations or videos.


30 - 40 minutes

Multimedia demonstrations of Microsoft's internal solutions. Demonstrations convey development, deployment, and architecture details. Best practices, lessons learned, and future plans of Microsoft products and technologies are shared.

IT Manager Webcasts & Podcasts | IT Manager Connection

1 hour

Microsoft IT experts share their insights, frameworks, and proven best practices that address some of the challenges that IT managers face today. Each session includes a Q&A session. Live and on demand.

IT Pro Podcast Discussions | TechNet Radio

20 minutes

Insightful discussions with Microsoft IT professionals as they detail planning for, deploying, and managing Microsoft solutions within the global Microsoft enterprise. On demand.

IT Pro Webcasts & Podcasts | How Microsoft Does IT Webcast Series

30 - 40 minutes

Microsoft IT professionals highlight the scenario, solution, and lessons learned from deploying and managing Microsoft solutions within the global Microsoft enterprise. Demonstrations are included when relevant. Each session includes a Q&A; session. Live and on demand.

Notes on IT

5 - 15 pages

Prescriptive, technical descriptions of how Microsoft IT configured and architected Microsoft product and technology implementations.


10 - 30 minutes

Prerecorded audio sessions that feature Microsoft IT professionals describing the planning, deployment, and management of Microsoft solutions within the global Microsoft enterprise. Some sessions contain multimedia content suitable for viewing on mobile devices.

PowerPoint Presentations

20 - 30 slides

Discussions of Microsoft IT's experiences in planning for and deploying Microsoft products and technologies within the Microsoft global enterprise, featuring product and technology technical drill-downs.

Technical Case Studies

8 - 12 pages

Discussions of the situation, solution, and benefits gained from implementing Microsoft IT solutions within the Microsoft global enterprise, featuring product and technology technical drill-downs.

Technical White Papers

20 - 30 pages

Discussions of Microsoft's internal enterprise development and solution deployment, based on Microsoft products and technologies. Contain details of solution architecture, best practices, lessons learned, and future plans.


2 - 10 minutes

Perspectives on internal Microsoft solutions presented by Microsoft IT subject matter experts. Operational efficiency, performance, and productivity improvements are some of the solution benefits detailed in videos. Technical demonstrations are also included where relevant.

Work Smart Productivity Guides

2 - 8 pages

Provide employees with straightforward, scenario-based, best-use productivity aids on Microsoft products and technologies.

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Interaction with Microsoft IT professionals

Microsoft IT Showcase offers peer-to-peer interaction opportunities to help you further understand how Microsoft plans for, deploys, and manages its own enterprise solutions. Contact your local Microsoft IT Account Manager to find out more.

  • Peer discussions
  • Conference calls
  • Briefings and seminars
  • Industry event presentations and tradeshow displays
  • Keynote presentations

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