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Understanding and Navigating the Administration Center in FOPE


Topic Last Modified: 2012-03-15

The Forefront Online Protection for Exchange (FOPE) Administration Center is a Web portal that you, the service administrator, use to manage settings for your company, its user accounts, and the optional subscriptions that your company has purchased. In the FOPE Administration Center, you can complete the following tasks.

  • Activate and manage your domains

  • Manage your company information and settings

  • Add and manage users and accounts

  • Create and manage spam, virus, and policy filters

  • Create and manage message policy rules

  • Configure quarantine settings

  • Monitor and trace message activity

  • Monitor overall service health and stay informed about planned outages, virus outbreaks, and other events that may affect your service

  • Access training and reference materials

  • Get technical support

After logging in to the FOPE Administration Center, you will see the Information tab, or the home page. To navigate back to this home page from anywhere else within the FOPE Administration Center, click the Information tab. As a short cut, you can also easily find companies, domains, users or policy rules with the Quick Search feature.

The following tabs, at the top of the FOPE Administration Center, provide access to the rich set of features within FOPE. The following topics explain each tab in more detail.

  • Understanding the Information Tab: The Information tab displays service announcements, alerts, and filters reports at the company and network levels.

  • Understanding the Administration Tab: The Administration tab provides you with a single point of administration for all of your FOPE services. From this tab, you can manage settings for FOPE, any services to which you have subscribed, and any policy rules for your company, domains, or users.

  • Understanding the My Reports Tab: With the My Reports tab, you can create and run reports for all of your services.

  • Understanding the Tools Tab: The Tools tab lets you trace messages and view service events by using the Audit Trail feature.

  • Understanding the Advanced Tab: If you are an administrator with permission to more than one company in the FOPE Administration Center, you can access to the Advanced tab. It displays a list view of all of the companies that a user has permission to view along with a tool to check SMTP connections. This tab is not displayed if the user has permission to view only one company.

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