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FOPE Spam Quarantine Mailbox


Applies to: Forefront Online Protection for Exchange

Topic Last Modified: 2013-05-17

This topic will help you understand your Microsoft® Forefront® Online Protection for Exchange (FOPE) email spam quarantine mailbox and the quarantine service if you are a typical email recipient.

If you are an email administrator and need help configuring the spam filtering service or mailbox options for an entire domain that you manage, you can review the following topics for more help: For help with subjects such as ordering new FOPE account services or access to the Administration Center, you can review the topics listed in the related topics section or contact Forefront Online Protection for Exchange Technical Support (http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=149248).

To view a video that shows you how to manage your spam through the FOPE spam quarantine feature, see End User Email and Forefront Online Protection for Exchange (English only).

As a typical email recipient, you can become more efficient and productive by using the features in the email spam quarantine mailbox to manage spam. To start working with your email spam quarantine mailbox, you must Log on to the FOPE Quarantine Service and Personalize Settings. The following topics provide more information about this and the FOPE quarantine service generally:

Log on to the FOPE Quarantine Service and Personalize Settings

Manage Quarantined Messages in FOPE

Adjust FOPE Quarantine Mailbox Notifications

To help you begin to understand how the quarantine service works, you should be aware of the following features, which apply to all quarantine mailboxes.

  • Spam is kept in the quarantine service for 15 days. After that time, the stored email messages are permanently deleted and cannot be retrieved.

  • Reminders and notification messages about new spam can be delivered to email recipients in several formats, each of which affects the actions that you can take. Furthermore, an administrator can set up the service to not send notification messages to users at all.

If the FOPE spam filter lets a message reach your email inbox that should have been caught, you can report the spam message using the process outlined in Understanding Spam Submission and Evaluation in FOPE. This topic also details how to submit a false-positive message.

New spam rules are set globally for all customers. Not all individual spam or false-positive submissions cause new spam rules.

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