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Rolling Sum + "To Date" slicer. Show all dates up to selected 'to date'
I'm trying to figure out how to have a slicer work as a 'to date 'filter would in a report built on SQL I have a powerpivot model with the following data Date Costs 10-Oct-13 1 11-Oct-13 1 12-Oct-13 1 13-Oct-13 1 14-Oct-13 ... Mehr
date information
I have fact about dates and the column labels more distinct fact about a data how do I get the dates to show up properly as a value ie: House city Builtdate Purchase date reno date abc toronto  12/05/2005 01/31/2006 02/11/2010 def ... Mehr
Can we invoke Powerpivot through .net code
I'm using VS2010 and SQL 2008R2. With PowerPivot I'm aware that we can connect to different Data Source provided by power pivot. Can we call the same through any .net code. Something like this ...Invoke powerpivot through code and connect it to a pa... Mehr

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