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Technical Reference Guides for Designing Mission-Critical Solutions

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The Technical Reference Guides for Designing Mission-Critical Solutions provide planning and architecture guidance for various mission-critical workloads deployed by users. These guides reflect the knowledge gained by Microsoft while working with customers on mission-critical deployments. Each guide provides not only the key technical concepts and information helpful for design, but also “lessons learned,” best practices, and references to customer case studies.

Use these technical reference guides after you have made the conceptual architectural decisions to address specific business needs and are ready to work through the technical design alternatives to choose a solution.


To access the guides via image map

  1. Click on one of the workload tabs below.
  2. Mouse over the diagram and click the desired topic.
OLTP Guides DW Guides Middleware Guides


To access the guides via a list

  • Go to the SQL Server Technical Reference Guide directory page.
Online Transaction Processing (OLTP)
Data Warehousing (DW)


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