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Tutorials and Samples

Watch our tutorials and videos for inspiration and step-by-step app building instructions. Then download our sample apps. You can take the samples apart to see how they work, or use them as a starting point for your own app. Start by viewing the tutorials and videos on Channel 9.



Channel 9 Tutorials
and Videos

Find all our tutorials and videos in one convenient place on Channel 9. Check them out, and your apps will be up, running, and impressing people in no time.


Beta3 Sample Apps

These sample apps require Project Siena Beta3. Install Project Siena Beta3.


Learn just about anything with videos from Khan Academy.

Research topics and watch hundreds of free lessons. Save your favorite videos and create a customized lesson plan.


Personal Shopper

An app that uses facial recognition to recommend personalized outfits.

Take a selfie and browse clothing suggestions chosen specifically for you. Easily review past selections without needing to log in.


Beta 2 Sample Apps

Travel Translator

An app for translating English phrases to other languages.

Write down a phrase in English. Choose a language, and then from Bing Translator, get a written and spoken translation of what you wrote.


News Reader

An app that reads the news to you out loud.

Browse popular news stories. The app can read article excerpts to you, or launch the full story in your web browser.


Yoga Trainer

An app for putting together a video-guided yoga practice.

Get a suggested yoga pose sequence. Play the videos as is, or customize which poses to do. Choose from a few video options for each pose.


Beta 1 Sample Apps



An app for an interactive display at a sporting goods store.

Select a sport on the first screen to launch a video about that sport. As products appear in the video, information about the items shows up on top of the video.


Real Coverage Finder

A conversational ​app for an insurance agent to use with clients to show what kind of coverage they need to be protected against real-life risks.

Select a news story. Get a list of risks associated with that kind of event. Adjust the levels of coverage and other factors and get a recommended insurance package.


Health Cost Calculator

An app for an insurance agent to estimate out-of-pocket expenses.

Watch someone talking about their illness. See the cost of their medical bills as they mention them. Then, move the sliders to see how much the person would have paid out-of-pocket.


Personnel Manager

An app for a floor manager at a department store to use to keep track of personnel.

Look at an interactive map of who's working where. Add available people to a certain section if there are long lines, relieve them of duty if it’s slow, or move them if they're needed elsewhere.


Contoso Site Survey

An app for a facilities manager to keep track of cleaning work at an industrial site.

Take photos of key spaces and equipment, and tag them with the work that needs to be done. Tap on the camera icon in the upper right to see an estimate of how long the work might take.


Bridge Tutor

An app for a bridge teacher to teach hand and contract evaluation techniques.

See if you can correctly calculate how many points are in your hand. You can also take a contracts quiz. Caution: This is a large app and opening it can take 30 seconds or longer.


Windows 8 Devices

An app to browse Windows 8 devices.

View and filter available Windows 8 devices by type and manufacturer. Save and compare devices. Estimate total costs, and take handwritten notes.


Dress by Video

An app for a personal shopper to use to help department store customers discover new fashion.

Watch fashion expert Millie McCall give advice about how to wear the latest trends. See information about the clothing as it’s mentioned in the video, and then get suggestions of what other pieces to add to make a complete outfit.