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Looking Ahead

Customers—ranging from enterprises to consultants to individual users—have already been using Project Siena to build highly functional, production-ready apps. Project Siena Beta3 further increases the scope of the apps that can be built. This is some of what you can expect in the weeks and months ahead:

  • Apps that run across multiple mobile device platforms and form factors
  • Connections to Office 365 services
  • Single sign-on through Azure Active Directory
  • One-click access to data from key business services (SaaS)
  • Support for even more global languages
  • Ever-easier app building with contextually generated rules
  • Support for more device signals and more rich visual controls

What’s New in Beta3

  • Support for multiple languages  
  • 1-click connection to Yammer, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Coursera, and more  
  • Ability to write back data to SharePoint lists  
  • Data visualization through interactive charts  
  • Connections to more types of REST services with OAuth security patterns  
  • HTML viewer for formatted text  
  • Across-the-board improvements, including more interactivity and design

Known Issues

Beta3 has a few known limitations and restrictions, which will be removed in subsequent versions.


Beta3 doesn't support SharePoint Online

The Beta3 release does not support SharePoint Online. Retrieving data from on-premises SharePoint lists is the supported method of importing SharePoint data.


Apps produced by Siena cannot be published to Windows Store “as is”

Windows Store integration is not supported for apps published by Project Siena Beta3. Apps cannot be published to the Windows Store “as is.”

For details about how to publish your app to the Windows Store, see Submitting a Project Siena app to the Store.


Improved timer

In Beta3, we have simplified and improved the timer visual. The timer now runs with a fixed minimum interval of 100 milliseconds (ms). The timer will now always increment up to the duration in 100 ms increments. To start and stop the timer, you can now use the data property, Start. When true, the timer will run. When false, the timer will stop.


Yammer/enterprise service authentication

When using enterprise authentication for services such as Yammer, you might get the “An error occurred during authentication” error message. If you have double-checked your credentials and are still seeing the issue, instead of using a valid email address (for example,, try using an email address that is not valid (for example, If the issue persists, contact your IT department for help adding the authenticating Internet servers to your intranet sites zone. See the release notes for more information.


Blank service authentication screen

You may encounter a rare rendering issue when zoomed in more than 150 percent and you try to authenticate with web services such as Facebook or Yammer. If this happens, simply zoom out and try again.