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Move Compute Nodes to a New Head Node

If you install a new head node for your HPC Pack cluster (in the same Active Directory domain as the original head node), you can move existing compute nodes, Windows Communications Foundation (WCF) broker nodes, workstation nodes, and unmanaged server nodes to work with the new head node. The process to move the nodes to the new head node is essentially the same as adding nodes to a new cluster.

As a first step, you can export the cluster configuration settings from the original head node, and import the settings on the new head node. You can export and import cluster users, node groups, node templates, operating system images and drivers, and a variety of other settings. For more information and steps, see Export and Import Cluster Configuration Settings.

Then, you can use these settings to add nodes to the new head node. Refer to the topics listed in the following table for more information.

If you want information about options to restore a complete cluster environment, including the data in the HPC cluster databases, see the topics in Back up and Restore a Windows HPC Cluster.

You cannot add existing Windows Azure nodes to the new head node. Existing Windows Azure nodes must be stopped, and the deployments need to be reinitiated from the new HPC Pack head node.


Node type Procedures

Compute nodes and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) broker nodes

Deploy Nodes from Bare Metal

Add Preconfigured Nodes

Add Nodes by Importing a Node XML File

Workstation nodes

Adding Workstation Nodes to a Windows HPC Cluster

Unmanaged server nodes

Adding Unmanaged Servers to a Windows HPC Cluster

Windows Azure nodes

Burst to Azure with Microsoft HPC Pack