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Event Review: Excel Services Technical Overview (Session ITPRODSK-110)

Welcome to the material supporting page for this session. The materials on this page have been selected as the best matches to the content covered in the live event session.

Session Outline

In this session, we will look at the new Excel Services, which are part of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. We will see how Excel Services extends the capabilities of Excel 2007 by allowing broad sharing of spreadsheets, improved manageability and security, and the ability to reuse spreadsheet models through a scalable server-based calculation service and interactive web-based user interface. Excel Services provides both a web-based user interface for browser-based access and a web services API for programmatic access—both of which have robust options for controlling what data is available to users and applications. As part of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, Excel Services also takes advantage of the other capabilities of SharePoint, including the enterprise content management features such as check-in/check-out, auditing, and versioning capabilities.

Session Agenda

  • Broad sharing of spreadsheets
  • Business intelligence capabilities
  • Excel services architecture

Session Media

This session consists of a Windows Media presentation and demonstrations:
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Demo: Exploring Excel 2007 Features

In this demonstration, we'll explore the new user interface, especially as it pertains to how you will use Excel Services to present spreadsheet data through a web interface.  

Demo: Designing a Simple Application

During this demonstration, we'll create a simple spreadsheet application and publish the application to Excel Services. In doing this, we'll be able to see how Excel Services presents a given spreadsheet with the same fidelity as seen in the Microsoft Office Excel 2007 application.  

Demo: Publishing a Distributor Price List

In this demonstration, we'll connect Excel Services to our back-end SQL Server 2005 database to create a pricing list that our distributor can access through a secure web site.  

Demo: Exploring Excel Services Settings

During this demonstration, we'll explore the configuration options available for Excel Services.