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Event Review: Key Exchange Server 2007 Scenarios: Examples, Demos, and How-to's (Session ITPROEXC-114)

Welcome to the material supporting page for this session. The materials on this page have been selected as the best matches to the content covered in the live event session.

Session Outline

In this session, we will cover three main how-to themes. The first part of the session shows how Exchange Server 2007 can provide built-in protection within your Exchange organization. We'll show you how to establish an ethical firewall using transport rules, and how to establish and test Local Continuous Replication to provide continuous availability. Next, we'll discuss how Exchange offers anywhere access to your mailbox. In the third part of this session, we'll look at how easy Exchange Server is to manage. By the end of the session, you'll have a great understanding of how to perform many of the administrative tasks that Exchange 2007 makes possible.

Session Media

This session consists of a Windows Media presentation and demonstrations:
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Demo: Creating an Ethical Firewall

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Demo: Configuring Local Continuous Replication

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Demo: Using the Improvements in Outlook Web Access

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Demo: Using Unified Messaging in Exchange 2007

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