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Maintain Exchange Server 2007

Find resources to help you manage Exchange Server 2007, including the Exchange 2007 Management Console and Shell, the Exchange toolbox, and information on high availability, scripting, and disaster recovery.

Exchange 2007 Management Console and Shell

The new and improved Microsoft Management Console (MMC) 3.0 supports rich functionality for snap-ins that are created to take advantage of the MMC 3.0 infrastructure, such as the Exchange Management Console. And the Exchange Management Shell, built on Microsoft Windows PowerShell technology, provides administrators a powerful command-line interface that they can use to administer Microsoft Exchange Server 2007.

Exchange Toolbox

Exchange Server 2007 includes a built-in Toolbox with a variety of tools (including the Exchange Analyzer family of tools) that are designed to help administrators analyze and troubleshoot their Exchange environment.

High Availability

Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 includes built-in features that can provide high availability. For an overview, see High Availability in the Exchange Server 2007 product documentation. See Understanding Network Load Balancing for information about load balancing, and Configuring Round Robin for information about using round robin DNS to load-balance activity, both on the Windows Server TechCenter.

Upgrading Your Skills for Exchange Server 2007

  • Microsoft Learning Manager. Browse this catalog of products and resources and add them to My Learning. You can sign in to save My Learning.


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