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"How Do I" video center | Exchange 2007


Have just a few minutes? Watch these short how-to videos about performing commons tasks with Microsoft Exchange 2007.

  • To play a video, select a lifecycle category and then select a video.
  • To download a video or play it outside of Silverlight, go to the Video Downloads section on this page.

Video downloads


Exchange Message Scan
Duration: 9:10; WMV, MP4

Forefront Management Console Part 1
Duration: 11:38; WMV, MP4

Forefront Management Console Part 2
Duration: 6:06; WMV, MP4

Forefront Management Console Part 3
Duration: 5:04; WMV, MP4

Configure Security Policies on my Windows Mobile Devices Using Exchange 2007
Duration: 7:30; WMV, MP4

Enable the Anti-spam Agent in a Single Server Exchange Server Environment
Duration: 11:09; WMV, MP4

Incoming E-mail Scan
Duration: 8:15; WMV, MP4

Install Exchange 2007 Prerequisites for Windows Server 2008
Duration: 10:23; WMV, MP4

Multiple E-mail Domains
Duration: 7:37; WMV, MP4

Setting up E-mail Co-Existence Between MOS and a Local Exchange Server
Duration: 5:04; WMV

Storagegroup Mailbox Creation
Duration: 7:07; WMV, MP4

Synchronize Active Directory with Microsoft Online Services
Duration: 13:12; WMV


Exchange Quarantined E-mails
Duration: 5:31; WMV, MP4

Exchange Remove Files
Duration: 5:52; WMV, MP4

Remotely Wipe a Windows Mobile Device if an Employee Loses it
Duration: 9:11; WMV, MP4

Using Exchange Management Features in PowerShell
Duration: 20:01; WMV, MP4

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