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"How do I" video center | Exchange 2010


Have just a few minutes? Watch these short how-to videos about performing commons tasks with Microsoft Exchange 2010.

  • To play a video, select a lifecycle category and then select a video.
  • To download a video or play it outside of Silverlight, go to the Video Downloads section on this page.

Streaming video and downloads

To download a video, right-click "WMV" or "MP4" and then click "Save target as".

Exchange 2010 Technical Series

Exchange Technical Series (Information Protection and Control)
Duration: 30:27; MP4

Exchange Technical Series (Outlook)
Duration: 31:45; MP4

Exchange Technical Series (Outlook Web App)
Duration: 32:57; MP4

Exchange Technical Series (Archiving and Discovery)
Duration: 29:52; MP4

Exchange Technical Series (Mailbox Resiliency)
Duration: 23:18; MP4

Exchange Technical Series (Mobility)
Duration: 18:09; MP4

Exchange Technical Series (Unified Messaging)
Duration: 18:40; MP4


Build Exchange 2010 CAS Arrays
Duration: 10:04; WMV, MP4

Create and configure certificates with Exchange 2010
Duration: 13:26; WMV, MP4

Configure Mailbox Plan Attribute Flow
Duration: 3:31; WMV, MP4

Securely publish Exchange2010 using ISA Server 2006 SP1
Duration: 18:10; WMV, MP4

Use the command line to install/change/uninstall Exchange Server 2010
Duration: 7:44; WMV, MP4


Get Started with DAG's in Exchange 2010
Duration: 12:51; WMV, MP4

Get Started With Unified Messaging in Exchange 2010
Duration: 11:28; WMV, MP4

Configure DAG to make my databases geographically redundant
Duration: 12:34; WMV, MP4

Get Started With Message Retention in Exchange 2010
Duration: 11:49; WMV, MP4

Get Started With Remote Management
Duration: 11:45; WMV, MP4

Get Started with Role Based Acccess Control in Exchange 2010
Duration: 7:19; WMV, MP4

Getting Started With Archiving in Exchange 2010
Duration: 5:31; WMV, MP4

Getting Started with Message Discovery
Duration: 4:47; WMV, MP4

Introduction to Exchange 2010
Duration: 17:11; WMV, MP4

Use RBAC to change administrative functionality
Duration: 5:24; WMV, MP4

Size Exchange 2010
Duration: 25:18; WMV, MP4

Use Exchange 2010 Performance Counters
Duration: 13:26; WMV, MP4


Coexisting Exchange 2010 with Exchange 2007
Duration: 9:04; WMV, MP4

Transitioning From Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010 Part 1
Duration: 5:16; WMV, MP4

Transitioning From Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010 Part 2
Duration: 8:28; WMV, MP4

Transitioning From Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010 Part 3
Duration: 4:56; WMV, MP4