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Exchange ActiveSync logo program

The Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync Logo Program for mobile email devices that connect to Exchange Server and Exchange Online ensures that customers and IT pros have seamless experiences with setup, support, and use of qualified devices. Only products that meet Exchange ActiveSync Logo Program requirements will be listed.

The qualification program is defined as follows:

  • Specific requirements for Exchange ActiveSync clients on mobile email devices set by Microsoft
  • Exchange ActiveSync client test plan defined by Microsoft
  • Third-party lab to test qualification candidates from handset OEMs
  • Support for Exchange ActiveSync client development by OEMs through Microsoft Services Premier Support

Exchange ActiveSync logo program qualified devices

Listed below are devices that have been reviewed by Microsoft to meet Exchange ActiveSync Logo Program requirements. It is recommended that you visit the vendor's web site for the latest information on these products. 

All Windows Phone 7.5, 7, and Windows Mobile 6.5 devices meet the requirements of the Exchange ActiveSync Logo Program. To learn about the devices available in your region, see Windows Phone worldwide.

VendorQualified ProductsSoftware Version Tested
AppleiPhone 3GS
iPhone 4
iPhone 4S
iPhone 5
iPad 2
iPad (3rd generation)
iPad with Retina display
iPad mini
iOS 4.3
600, 700, 701
N8, C6-01, C7-00, E6-00, X7-00
Mail for Exchange 3.0.50
Symbian Belle
Symbian Anna
Windows PhoneWindows Phone 8
Windows Phone 7.8
Windows Phone 7.5
Windows Phone 7
Windows Mobile 6.5

Note: Software versions listed above represent the version tested by our third party test lab and certified compliant with the program’s minimum functional requirements (summary list below). Subsequent versions which do not change the Exchange ActiveSync functionality previously tested are deemed compliant unless detected otherwise.

Exchange ActiveSync logo program requirements

The program is designed for handset OEMs that license the Exchange ActiveSync protocol from Microsoft for use in mobile email clients that connect to Exchange. The program specifies features and management policies an OEM must include in its Exchange ActiveSync client to ensure an enterprise-ready experience for end users. These functional requirements can also help address the concerns of the IT professional, who must deal with an increasing number of consumer-purchased devices connecting to Exchange.

Following are the requirements for participation in the Exchange ActiveSync Logo Program. Exchange Partner Marketing plans to add additional functional requirements over time to address market needs.

To better understand Exchange ActiveSync, read the TechNet library articles in the section entitled Understanding Exchange ActiveSync.

Program requirements:

  • Must be current Exchange ActiveSync licensee
  • Use Exchange ActiveSync v14 or later
  • Direct Push email, contacts & calendar
  • Accept, Decline & Tentatively Accept meetings
  • Rich formatted email (HTML)
  • Reply/Forward state on email
  • GAL Lookup
  • Autodiscover
  • ABQ strings provided: device type and  device model
  • Remote Wipe
  • Password Required
  • Minimum Password Length
  • Timeout without User Input
  • Number of Failed Attempts

Exchange ActiveSync - Known Device / Implementation Issues

Should devices pass certification tests and then subsequent releases deviate from program requirements, those exceptions will be called out here as detected by Microsoft.

You may also be interested in our list of known issues with Exchange ActiveSync implementations (not limited to Exchange ActiveSync logo program participants). Link:

About the logo program

Launched in April 2011, the Exchange ActiveSync Logo Program is an effort to standardize the implementation of Exchange ActiveSync on mobile email devices that connect to Exchange.

The program helps IT professionals identify and support enterprise-ready mobile devices in their organizations through a testing program that requires critical Exchange ActiveSync end user features and management policies on handsets.

The program allows mobile carriers and OEMs to differentiate mobile email devices that offer superior security and management, and helps customers identify the right devices to select for both work and personal use.

Interested in qualifying a device?

Handset OEMs interested in participating in the Exchange ActiveSync Logo Program should contact

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