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TechNet ON: Building BI into Your Organization

The Data Side

Discover how SQL Server provides the data foundation for a pervasive enterprise BI solution, and how to start building your own solutions.

Editor’s Note: Be an Instant Hero with Better BI

Integrating the data and the tools used to deploy a pervasive and trusted enterprise business intelligence solution can make you an instant hero and Microsoft can help.

TechNet Magazine: Empower Your Users with Business Intelligence

By providing scalable access to relevant information and analysis in user-friendly ways, business intelligence solutions from Microsoft enable your most important resources – your people - to make the best possible decisions for your business.

TechNet Magazine: Planning Your First Microsoft BI Solution

In this article, we define BI and describe the high-level architecture of a BI solution in general terms, and provide some insight into the process of building a BI solution.

TechNet Magazine: Building a Data Foundation for a BI Solution

Learn how to design and build a simple data mart to illustrate how you can use SQL Server 2008 Integration Services (SSIS) to perform ETL for your own BI solution.

Microsoft SQL Server PowerPivot Planning and Deployment

This technology gives users the power to drill into any aspect of their business and compress decision cycles to gain deeper insight, and it enables them to share their findings with others effortlessly and securely.

TechNet Magazine: Building Your First Cube

There are additional benefits to be realized by repackaging that data one more time into a structure called a cube .

TechNet ON tracks: Building BI

The Services Side

Microsoft makes it easy to integrate familiar tools such as SharePoint, PowerPivot and Excel, and even build let your users build their own dashboards and scorecards.

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