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TechNet ON: Build and Manage VMs in the Cloud

Understand the VM Role

The Windows Azure VM role lets you run a virtual hard disk image, store that image in the cloud and load and run it on demand, so your existing applications can start to work for you in the cloud immediately.

Editor's Note: The Role of the Windows Azure VM Role

Moving applications to the cloud is all about creating the right image. Server image, that is.

Overview of the Windows Azure VM Role

The Windows Azure virtual machine (VM) role enables you to deploy a custom Windows Server 2008 R2 image to Windows Azure.

Why Would I Use a VM Role in My Application?

A VM role enables you to define the configuration and updates of the operating system for the virtual machine.

Windows Azure VM Role: Looking at it a Different Way

It seems as though no mention of the PaaS vs. IaaS debate, where Windows Azure is concerned, is complete without a frequently misunderstood notion of what the VM Role is.

Free Windows Azure Platform Trial

Perhaps the best way to understand the VM role in Windows Azure is to get the Windows Azure Platform Trial and see for yourself.

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Creating VMs
The process of building a VM for Windows Azure is similar to building any other VM. You start by building a base virtual hard drive (VHD) which contains the Windows Server 2008 R2 operating system.

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