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Windows Phone 7: Managing Mobility

Enterprise Integration

Supporting smart phones in your organization can turn into an exercise in herding cats, but Windows Phone 7 was designed to be deployed, managed and secured as a mobile client.

Windows Phone 7: The Platform for a Mobile Workforce

The IT-friendly platform, built with business users in mind, is about to get better with new capabilities to integrate with Microsoft cloud platforms and services.

Windows Phone 7 Guides for IT Professionals

The Windows Phone 7 Guides for IT Professionals is a series of articles intended to help you evaluate how to integrate and support Windows Phone 7 in your organization.

TechNet Magazine: Enterprises Go with Windows Phone 7

Consolidating personal and professional functions into a single mobile device makes Windows Phone 7 a compelling platform.

How Microsoft Deployed Windows Phone to Employees

Cross-team collaboration, planning, and focused marketing were the keys to deploying and supporting Windows Phones successfully to permanent employees around the world.

MSDN Magazine: Windows Phone 7 Tombstoning
Compared to desktops, mobile devices have less memory, less processing power, limited screen real-estate and limited battery life. Windows Phone deals with this constraint through a feature called tombstoning.

Network World: Developers Find a Lot to Love in Windows Phone 7 Mango

A trio of Windows Phone software developers say Microsoft's Mango release is ripe and juicy for programmers, and brings new ease and power to mobile enterprise applications.

TechNet On
"Mango" Ripe with IT Features
The upcoming Windows Phone codenamed “Mango”brings a wealth of newmanagement and productivity capabilities, including one of the most compelling applications: Office 365.

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Windows Phone 7: Managing Mobility

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