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Discuss the situations and challenges IT organizations face today. Chat, ask questions, discuss solutions, and share ideas with your peers and Microsoft IT evangelists.

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Latest Forum Threads
Password Management
Password Management
Hi, can somebody recommend a good password Management Software for medium size Windows/AD/MS SQL company? Thank you in advance, Alex
Wednesday, Sep 17
Microsoft EA Agreement
Microsoft EA Agreement
All, Have a question about the Microsoft EA agreement below. Thanks in advance for any help 1. Do you own the software after the three year term? 2. If you do own the software does Microsoft require you to keep an SA agreement in place after your t... more
Monday, Sep 15

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Derek Schauland Derek Schauland, Systems Administration

Derek operates a blog for IT management beginners to help those getting started and keep those of us in the industry from "overthinking" solutions.

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Microsoft IT Evangelists

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Yung Chou Yung Chou, IT Pro Evangelist

Yung Chou is an active evangelist for the IT professional community who often blogs about Windows 7 capabilities and Microsoft Virtualization solutions.

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