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April 2007 Documentation Update Notes


Topic Last Modified: 2007-03-27

The following topics are new:

  • Exchange Server Analyzer articles
    • Active Directory Preparation Required
    • ADAM Install Path Exists
    • ADAM is not installed on the Local Computer (Longhorn)
    • ADAM not Installed on the Local Computer
    • An 'SMTPSVC' error event (ID: 429) was logged within the last 24 hours
    • Cannot Remove Unified Messaging Server Role
    • Cannot Write to CMS Data Path
    • Cluster Managed Resources Need to be Moved or Taken Offline
    • Cluster Service is Not Started
    • CMS Data Path Must Be NTFS Volume
    • Current Cluster Node Owns Clustered Management Services
    • DNS responses are different between UDP and TCP
    • Domain Controller Override is set in the Registry
    • Domain Preparation Required
    • ESE 474 -1018: Unrecoverable Error Detected in Database
    • Esm.dll is in use by one or more processes
    • Exchange 2000 Server computers require upgrade to SP3
    • Exchange Server 2003 computers require upgrade to SP2
    • Exchange Server 2007 cannot be used with this version of Windows
    • 'ExchHelp.chm' is open
    • External DNS Server Responses are Different Between UDP and TCP
    • File Share Witness Not Configured
    • IIS 6 Compatibility Components Not Installed
    • Insufficient Permissions to Prepare Active Directory
    • Insufficient Permissions to Remove All Server Roles
    • Insufficient Permissions to Run /PrepareDomain
    • Invalid CMS Target Path Format
    • Invalid Installation Path
    • MaxUserPort Key is Missing or Non-default
    • MSExchangeIS 9518 (0xfffff743): Too Many Temp Files
    • MSExchangeIS 9518 (0xfffffbf8): Missing Required Permissions on Exchange Database Folder or Drive
    • No queue status available. SMTP queue analysis aborted.
    • No Windows Server 2003 SP1 Domain Controller in Domain
    • OAB Server Has Been Deleted
    • Only One CCR Server Allowed
    • Primary DNS failed to respond to a UDP connection
    • Primary External DNS Failed to Respond to a UDP Connection
    • Primary External DNS Server Failed to Respond to a TCP Connection
    • Remove Edge Subscription before Uninstalling Server Role
    • Setup Failure Occurred While Installing a Server Role
    • SMTP Addressing Format Not Supported
    • Storage path for a single copy cluster must be a clustered disk
    • Target Install Path Mis-Match
    • TcpTimedWaitDelay Key is Missing or Non-default
    • The COM+ Event System Service Must be Started Before Setup can Continue
    • The Distributed Transaction Coordinator Service Must be Started Before Setup can Continue
    • The local domain needs to be updated
    • The MNSFileShare path is invalid
    • This Server is the Source for a Routing Group Connector
    • This Server is the Source for a Send Connector
    • Too Many Active Nodes
    • Uninstall Unified Messaging Language Packs
    • Update Needed for Disaster Recovery

The following topics have been updated in the past month:

  • Administration Guide for Exchange Server 2003
    • Managing Mailbox Stores and Public Folder Stores
  • Exchange Server 2003 RPC over HTTP Deployment Scenarios
    • How to Configure the RPC Proxy Server to Use Specified Ports for RPC over HTTP
    • How to Configure the RPC Virtual Directory in IIS
    • How to Verify That SSL Certificate Is Installed on RPC Proxy Server
  • What Is New in Exchange Server 2003
    • Exchange 2003 Test Environments
  • Exchange Server Analyzer articles
    • Average LDAP read latency has exceeded 50 milliseconds
    • Average LDAP search latency has exceeded 50 milliseconds
    • Circular logging is disabled
    • Consider implementing storage quotas
    • DSNs are currently being rendered as messages
    • Mailbox store prohibit send and receive limits are too similar
    • Maximum LDAP search latency has exceeded 100 milliseconds
    • Port conflict: Store HTTP
    • Port conflict: System Attendant HTTP
    • Port conflict: System Attendant NSPI
    • RPC binding does not match DNS resolved name
    • Server is a Virtual PC
    • SMTP message failure warning - Categorizer out of memory failure
    • SMTP server failed open relay test
    • Store HTTP port is below 5000
    • System Attendant HTTP NSPI port is below 5000
    • System Attendant HTTP port is below 5000
    • This Exchange server is also a domain controller, which is not a recommended configuration
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