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Process for Migrating Apache Web Sites to IIS 6.0

Updated: August 22, 2005

Applies To: Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2003 with SP1

In addition to migrating the existing Web site content, the migration process automatically migrates the Web site configuration including FrontPage Server Extensions. Before performing the migration of the Web site, you need to evaluate the compatibility of the Apache Web sites with the software installed on your existing server, including dynamic content, database connections, and external modules. External modules are software components that are not shipped as a part of the Linux operating system.

If your Apache Web sites contain dynamic content or you want to further secure the Web sites, you can use the Apache to IIS 6.0 Migration Tool to customize the configuration of IIS 6.0 and migrate the dynamic content. Figure 7.1 illustrates the process for migrating existing Apache Web sites to IIS 6.0.

Figure 7.1   Migrating Apache Web Sites to IIS 6.0

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To upgrade a Web farm, use the process described in this section to upgrade each server in the Web farm.

Depending on your familiarity with Linux, Windows Server 2003, Apache, IIS 6.0, and the migration process, you might require less guidance through the migration process. The following quick-start guide provides a detailed overview of the Apache to IIS migration process described in this section. You can use this guide to help identify the steps of the migration process where you need additional information and skip the information with which you are already familiar. In addition, all of the procedures required to complete the migration process are documented in Appendix A: IIS Deployment Procedures.

Prepare for Migration

  1. Determine Web site compatibility with IIS 6.0.

  2. Determine application compatibility with worker process isolation mode by evaluating the differences between application isolation modes.

  3. Identify the role of the Apache to IIS 6.0 Migration Tool in the migration process.

  4. Select one of the following Apache to IIS 6.0 Migration Tool installation options:

    • The source server installation option

    • The target server installation option

    • The intermediate computer installation option

Deploy the Target Sever

  1. Install Windows Server 2003.

  2. Install IIS 6.0.

  3. Configure the FTP service.

Perform the Migration

  1. Install the Apache to IIS 6.0 Migration Tool:

    • Install the migration tool on computers running Linux.

    • Install the migration tool on computers running Windows.

    • Configure the target server for migration.

  2. Verify that clients are not accessing the Web sites.

  3. Migrate the Web site content.

  4. Migrate the Web site configuration.

  5. Recover from an interruption in the migration process:

    • Determine the cause of resolve any errors.

    • Restart the migration tool in recovery mode.

Migrate Apache-Specific Extensions

  1. Migrate dynamic content.

  2. Migrate database content and connectivity:

    • Migrate the database content.

    • Migrate the database connectivity.

  3. Migrate external modules.

Configure IIS 6.0 After Migration

  1. Configure Web service extensions.

  2. Configure Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) types.

  3. Configure Web site properties.

  4. Configure server certificates for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

  5. Back up the target server.

Enable Client Access After Migration

Enable client access to the Web sites on the target server.

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