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Managing Message Analyzer Assets

What You Will Learn
In the topics of this section, you will learn how to manage the following aspects of the Message Analyzer Sharing Infrastructure, which includes all the user Library item collections that are described in User Libraries:

  • Components of the Sharing Infrastructure, such as user Libraries that contain data manipulation, data viewing, or data capture item collections.

  • User Library item collection downloads, updates, exports, and imports.

  • The default Message Analyzer subscriber feed and user-configured feeds.

  • OPN Parser packages, including downloads and updates.

Sharing Infrastructure Management Overview
Some of the specific entities that you can use to manage the Sharing Infrastructure consist of the following:

  • Manage <Items> dialog — use a common dialog to manage the items in various user Libraries that are integrated with the Sharing Infrastructure.

  • Add New Feed — create your own custom user feed through which you can export or import item collections for mutual sharing with others, including any items that you develop.

  • Export/Import commands — share item collections directly with other users by posting or retrieving them to/from a user file share or other location.

Item Collection Downloads and Updates  Features that you can use to manage item collection downloads and updates consist of the following:

  • Status icons — click status icons for options to manage item collection downloads and updates that Microsoft provides through a default Message Analyzer subscriber feed on the Start Page, where you can synchronize with the latest versions that are pushed out from a web service.

  • Synchronization options — control how you synchronize item collections, for example, with startup options, bulk synchronization, and working online or offline.

  • Feed removal and restoration — remove and restore the default Message Analyzer item collection feed, or remove any user-configured feed.

Note  You can also manage OPN Parser downloads and updates with the same type of status icons and synchronization options.

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