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Document modes and compatibility with Internet Explorer 11

The compatibility improvements made in Internet Explorer 11 lets older websites just work in the latest standards mode, by default, without requiring emulation of the previous browser behavior. Because older websites are now just working, we’ve decided that Internet Explorer 10 document mode will be the last new document mode. Instead, developers will need to move to using Edge mode in Internet Explorer 11.

If you decide that you still need to emulate a previous browser environment, Internet Explorer 10 or older, you can change your server configuration to add X-UA-Compatible meta tags into the HTTP header. Changing this content value lets your site show up as it would appear in the selected version of Internet Explorer. For example, if you wanted the content to look like it did in Internet Explorer 10, you'd specify the value of IE=10 in the X-UA-Compatible metadata. All of the other supported values are here:


Content value Meaning


Renders using Internet Explorer 5 Quirks mode.


Renders using Internet Explorer 7 standards mode.


Renders using Internet Explorer 8 standards mode.


Renders using Internet Explorer 9 standards mode.


Renders using Internet Explorer 10 standards mode.


Renders using the latest mode. This mode is the recommended for all websites.

Using document modes doesn’t alleviate the need for testing content. For further information about compatibility and the X-UA-Compatible header, see Defining Document Compatibility.

Don’t target future content values, such as IE=11 and higher. Instead, use IE=Edge to get the latest mode.

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