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During your upgrade to Office 365 Message Encryption


Applies to: Exchange Online Protection

Topic Last Modified: 2014-02-06

Two main actions occur during the upgrade from Exchange Hosted Encryption (EHE) to Office 365 Message Encryption:

  • Licenses are assigned.

  • Transport rules are moved to the new service.

Several days before your scheduled upgrade from Exchange Hosted Encryption (EHE) to Office 365 Message Encryption, we will add subscriptions for Windows Azure Rights Management to your Office 365 tenant at no additional cost. Adding these subscriptions will enable you to use Office 365 Message Encryption.

Office 365 Message Encryption is packaged as part of Windows Azure Rights Management. This gives you a complete encryption solution that includes Rights Management Services (RMS). This package works with RMS-enabled applications to help safeguard digital information from unauthorized use, and Office 365 Message Encryption to encrypt and send secure email messages to anyone. Both capabilities are included with the upgrade. For more information, see IRM.

The subscription offers will appear in the Licensing section of the Office 365 Admin Center. The end date of these subscriptions will coincide with the end date of your EHE subscription agreement. When your EHE subscription ends, you must purchase a new subscription of Windows Azure Rights Management to continue using the Office 365 Message Encryption service.

After your subscription is established, we will copy all Exchange Transport Rules that enabled the encryption and decryption of email messages using EHE, and create new transport rules to encrypt and decrypt email messages using Office 365 Message Encryption. Here’s what will happen to new and old ETRs:

  • EHE rules that trigger encryption will be disabled. A new equivalent rule will be created by using Office 365 Message Encryption.

  • EHE rules that trigger decryption will be disabled. A new equivalent rule will be created that uses Office 365 Message Encryption.

  • To preserve the order of the rules, the new Office 365 Message Encryption encrypt and decrypt rules will immediately follow the old EHE encrypt and decrypt rules.

  • The disabled EHE encrypted rule name will be prepended with “Disabled-EHE upgrade”.

  • The newly created Office 365 rules will have the same names as the old EHE rules except that the names will be prepended with “EHE-Upgrade”.

  • On the day of the upgrade, after your Office 365 Message Encryption rules have been created and the old EHE rules have been disabled, the Office 365 Message Encryption service will start automatically encrypting email messages.

You do not have to change, disable, or enable any transport rules as part of EHE upgrade. All of these steps are handled automatically. After the upgrade, do not enable the EHE encrypt rules or create a rule to enable the EHE encrypt service. Doing so will result in email messages not being delivered and the generation of a non-delivery report (NDR).
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