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Next steps after migrating Gmail to Office 365


Applies to: Office 365

Topic Last Modified: 2014-06-13

Learn how to make all Gmail messages go directly to Office 365 and stop using Gmail altogether.

When you configure migration between Gmail and Office 365, mail messages get delivered first to Gmail, and then copies are sent to Office 365. Any new Gmail messages are copied to Office 365 every 24 hours. Many administrators choose to keep both the Gmail and Office 365 mailboxes running this way for a period of time. There’s nothing wrong with this approach. When you’re ready to stop using Gmail and have your Gmail messages sent directly to Office 365, follow the procedure below.

Get Gmail email sent directly to Office 365
  1. Open a new browser window, and sign in to the Office 365 admin center using your Office 365 administrative credentials.

  2. Choose domains > your company domain > View DNS Settings > View DNS records.

  3. In the Exchange Online section, in the MX row, write down the Priority, Host Name, and Points to Address.

    Contoso-com is an example domain in the graphic below. Enter your own domain name in that field.

    Exchange Online MX Records

  4. Sign in to your DNS hosting provider’s website.

  5. Select your domain.

  6. Find the page where you can edit DNS records for your domain.

  7. Create a new MX record.

    For information about creating an MX record, see Find your domain registrar or DNS hosting provider.

    For detailed instructions for creating MX records to point to Office 365, see Create DNS records for Office 365 when you manage your DNS records.

  8. Set the priority of the MX record to the highest value available, typically 0, and save the record.

    DNS changes may take from 1 - to 72 hours for a changed record to move throughout the DNS system.

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