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Add a control in Project Siena


In Project Siena, you can add a variety of controls that show data, gather data from users, and respond to user input. For a general overview of Project Siena and links to resources such as sample apps, video tutorials, and forums, see Project Siena.

  1. Show a list of controls by performing any of these steps:

    • Press Alt-V.

    • In an otherwise empty screen, click Add a visual.

    • In the upper-right corner of the window, click the plus sign inside a circle.

      The plus sign inside the circle is hidden if the top app bar is showing, but you can close that bar by clicking away from it.

  2. In the list that appears, click the control that you want to add, or click a category of controls, and then click the control that you want to add.

    You might need to scroll through the list to find a particular control or category of controls.

Collect and display text

Input text -- Provides a box in which users can type data.

Label -- Displays information such as the purpose of a screen or another control.

HTML label -- Renders HTML from RSS feeds and other sources, including links, images, and CSS styles. This control doesn't execute JavaScript and isn't a web-control or an iframe.

Collect and display non-text data

Camera -- Captures visual input using the built-in camera on the device running the app.

Microphone -- Captures audio information.

Pen -- Captures mouse, touch, or pen input, and includes a toolbar for customizing how the input appears.

Image -- Displays a selected image.

Video player -- Plays a video in any format that Internet Explorer supports.

Audio -- Plays a file in any format that Internet Explorer supports.

Shapes -- Provides several geometric controls that you can customize.

Chart -- Shows data in a column, line, or pie chart.

Timer -- Starts at 0 and runs a specified number of minutes.

Show data sets

Galleries -- Provides templates that you can customize to show a collection or a set of imported data.

Choose options

Button -- Provides an interactive control.

Radio -- Displays multiple options of which users can specify only one at a time, and includes a label for each option.

Listbox -- Displays multiple options and, unlike a dropdown list, remains open instead of collapsing when not in use.

Dropdown -- Provides multiple options that users can choose, and users can then collapse the list.

Toggle -- Allows users to specify either of two values.

Checkbox -- Provides a control that users can select or clear and a label for that control.

Slider -- Allows users to specify a value from a range of values.

Rating -- Allows users to rate a piece of content or other information.

Share data

SharePoint Update -- Sends data to a connected SharePoint site.

Export -- Exports a table or a collection as a zip file that contains XML, and you can load data from that file into a collection (for example, on another computer).

Import -- Imports data into a collection from an XML file that was created with the Export control (for example, on another computer).

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