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Project Siena Visuals Reference

Published: July 14, 2014

Updated: July 14, 2014

When you click the plus sign in the circle on the right side of the current screen, the Project Siena Visuals library is displayed. By clicking on one of the tiles in the library, you can add a visual to the current screen. Project Siena allows you to add the following visuals.

Audio (Project Siena)

The Audio visual plays a file in any audio format supported by Internet Explorer.

Button (Project Siena)

The Button visual provides an interactive UI element.

Camera (Project Siena)

The Camera visual is used to capture visual input using the built-in camera on the device running the app.

Checkbox (Project Siena)

A Checkbox visual includes a checkbox a user can select or clear and a label for the checkbox.

Dropdown (Project Siena)

The Dropdown visual provides the UI for a drop-down list of selections.

Export (Project Siena)

Export a table or a collection as a zip file containing XML.

This zip file can then be read back into Project Siena to load a collection.

Galleries (Project Siena)

Galleries contain user-defined templates that display data.

Galleries contain a special keyword ThisItem. ThisItem refers to the current template in iteration.

HTML Viewer (Project Siena)

An HTML viewer renders HTML from RSS feeds and other sources, including links, images, and CSS styles. It does not execute JavaScript, and is not a web-control or an iframe.

Image (Project Siena)

The Image visual displays a selected image.

Import (Project Siena)

Import an exported zip package. Reads a zipped XML package and imports the data into a collection.

Input Text (Project Siena)

The Input Text visual is a text box for inputting and displaying text.

Label (Project Siena)

The Label visual displays text used to label a screen, item, or object.

Listbox (Project Siena)

A ListBox visual displays a list of items from which the user can select one or more.

Microphone (Project Siena)

The Microphone visual can be used to capture audio input.

Pen (Project Siena)

The Pen visual accepts and displays mouse, touch, or pen input. Includes a toolbar for customizing the display of the input.

Radio (Project Siena)

The Radio button visual includes the selectable circle, and the label for the circle.

Rating (Project Siena)

The Rating visual provides a rating tool that allows users to select a rating for the related content.

Shapes (Project Siena)

Visuals in a variety of shapes, the display of which can be customized.

SharePoint Update (Project Siena)

The SharePoint Update visual sends data to a connected SharePoint site.

Slider (Project Siena)

The Slider visual provides a mechanism for selecting from a range of values.

Timer (Project Siena)

The Timer visual starts at 0 and runs a specified number of minutes.

Toggle (Project Siena) Toggle

The Toggle visual is a switch that alternates between two settings.

Video Player (Project Siena)

The Video Player visual plays a file in any video format supported by Internet Explorer.

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