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Log on to the FOPE Quarantine Service and Personalize Settings


Applies to: Forefront Online Protection for Exchange

Topic Last Modified: 2012-08-28

This topic explains how to log on to your Forefront Online Protection for Exchange (FOPE) Quarantine mailbox and change the settings. Once you have accomplished these steps and gained access to your quarantine mailbox, you can learn to Manage Quarantined Messages in FOPE.

If you are an Office 365 customer and you receive an error message when trying to access the FOPE Quarantine service, it may be because, by default, Office 365 administrative and management accounts are replicated to the FOPE Administration Center as single-sign-on (SSO) accounts rather than standard FOPE user accounts. To work around this issue, consult the following article: Office 365 administrators cannot sign in to the Forefront Online Protection for Exchange (FOPE) Quarantine service to access mail quarantine.

After your first logon you may be presented with options to personalize your view of the service if your administrator has already enabled these features for you. Some users will not be able to access all of the options explained here.

To log on to the service
  1. Using a web browser, connect to the FOPE Quarantine service at https://quarantine.messaging.microsoft.com. The following image shows the logon screen that you should see at this site.

    FOPE quarantine service logon
  2. Enter your user name and password and then click Sign in. Your user name is your email address. If your administrator provided you with a password, enter it too. Once you have logged on, you can review spam messages or change certain parts of your service. You can learn more about these tasks by reviewing other topics that are in the following list.

    If you do not know the password, click Need your password? to have instructions for setting your password sent to you. The following image shows the password request screen.

    FOPE logon screen password request
  3. Enter the email address you want the service to send your password reset instructions to, and then click Send. A message will be sent to you that will contain a URL for you to follow. Once you have that URL you will be taken to a page where you can specify your password for logging into the Quarantine service.

Personalized changes to display settings, language settings for notifications, and whether to receive notifications or not can be made within the Quarantine service by clicking Options located above the top menu bar. The following image shows the Quarantine Options page.

Modify user settings for the Quarantine in Options To change user preferences and settings
  1. Select the option that you want to update, and then click Save to keep the changes.

  2. To exit the Options page, click the mailbox folder you want to go back to.

To view more than one quarantine mailbox
  1. Once you have logged in to the quarantine service, you can view multiple quarantine mailboxes. If your user account has already been configured to use multiple email addresses by your administrator, all of the associated email addresses will already be displayed for you.

    The procedure described is useful for administrators and users with administrator-granted permissions who wish to manage messages filtered by the FOPE service and held in quarantine. The filters that direct messages to quarantine are managed by administrators. Individual users who wish to report messages as spam or who wish to block certain domains may reference the Understanding Spam Submission and Evaluation in FOPE topic page.
  2. To open new mailbox accounts, click Open another account on the left navigation menu. The following image shows the resulting page. To add mail accounts to your default logon view, enter the user name and password for the additional accounts, and then click Open on the top menu bar.

    Open more email accounts in FOPE quarantine
  3. To exit the Open another account page, click Cancel and the page will return to the selected mailbox folder.

After you have logged into your quarantine mailbox, you can review messages that were sent to you but were not delivered to your inbox because they were categorized as spam or junk mail. Depending on the way your email administrator configured your service, you may also be able to adjust reminders or notifications about your spam email. To learn more about these tasks, view the topics in the following list.

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