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Manage Quarantined Messages in FOPE


Applies to: Forefront Online Protection for Exchange

Topic Last Modified: 2012-11-15

The following topic is intended for Office 365 Global administrators, Exchange Online administrators, and users who have access to the Forefront Online Protection for Exchange Quarantine Mailbox.

This topic explains how you can view, search, and move messages that appear in your Forefront Online Protection for Exchange (FOPE) quarantine mailbox. If you take the time to review and act on your messages that were identified as spam, you can contribute to improving your email experience. You can also become more efficient by helping to make sure that you only see messages that matter to you. Furthermore, you can help make the FOPE service itself more efficient. Depending on the way your administrator has configured your service, you may have access to your quarantined junk email. This could include email that was quarantined based only on your organization’s policies.

Before you start to manage your quarantined messages, you must log on to your quarantine mailbox. For more information about how to log on, review the topic Log on to the FOPE Quarantine Service and Personalize Settings. You might not have access to your quarantined mail depending on the way your service is configured. For more information about the FOPE Spam Quarantine Mailbox, see FOPE Spam Quarantine Mailbox

By default, spam email is kept in the Junk E-mail folder for 15 days. After that time, the stored email messages are permanently deleted and cannot be retrieved.

Once you have logged on to your quarantine mailbox, the list view shows your quarantined messages. An example of the list view is shown in the following image. If you have multiple pages of email messages, you can view successive pages by clicking the forward arrow, located near the bottom of the window.

FOPE quarantined messages in a list

You can search for a particular message either by sender address or by subject line. You can also use wildcard characters.

To view the contents of a single message in the list, click the Subject of the message.

From the list view, you may select multiple messages to either delete or have delivered to your corporate email Inbox. To do this, select the check box next to the message in the list. If a message in this view has an icon in the far left column, it has been quarantined because of custom spam filter rules configured by your administrator and you will not be able to report it as Not Junk.

To complete the deletion or move the message to your Inbox from the list view, click the Delete or Move to Inbox button from the top menu bar. You are not required to delete any spam. The quarantine service will delete any email messages held in spam quarantine after 15 days.

While viewing an individual message, you can have it delivered to your Inbox by clicking the Move to Inbox button, which is shown in the following image. This will send the message to your corporate email Inbox. Furthermore, if the message is not spam, click the Not Junk button while you are viewing the message. This will both send the message to your corporate email Inbox and also notify the FOPE spam team that the message was incorrectly categorized as spam.

Move a message to your inbox in FOPE quarantine

If the Not Junk button is absent when you view a message, it means that the message was filtered because of restrictions that the email administrator has applied. You cannot report this message as incorrectly categorized. That is, you cannot report it as valuable to you instead of its current spam status. An explanation of why the message cannot be reported will appear in the upper-right-hand corner, but only if domain-level spam rules have been applied by your administrator.

FOPE users do not need to perform a task to block senders in the quarantine mailbox. General email users may block specific addresses they do not wish to receive messages from. For information on blocking senders in Outlook, see Block a mail sender.
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