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Scale Out a Computer Tier (Script)

Updated: November 1, 2013

Applies To: System Center 2012 - Virtual Machine Manager, System Center 2012 R2 Virtual Machine Manager

After you have deployed a service in VMM, you can scale out a service by adding a virtual machine to a computer tier. You define whether a computer tier can be scaled out by setting the InstanceMaximumCount parameter for a computer tier template.


The following script checks whether you are able to scale out a tier by ensuring that adding a virtual machine will not exceed the maximum machine count for the tier. The script then scales out the service by adding a virtual machine to a computer tier.

# Description:      This script scales out a service by adding a virtual machine
#                   to a computer tier.

# Get the service and the computer tier.
$Service = Get-SCService -Name "Service01"
$Tier = Get-SCComputerTier -Service $Service | where {$_.Name -eq "Web Tier"}

# Ensure that you are able to scale out the tier.
If ($Tier.VMs.count -eq $Tier.InstanceMaximumCount) {throw "You have reached the instance maximum for this tier."}

# Create a virtual machine configuration for the computer tier.
$VMConfig = New-SCVMConfiguration -ComputerTier $Tier -Name "NewServiceVM01" -Description "New virtual machine configuration for tier"

# Get the best host on which to deploy the virtual machine.
$VMHosts = Get-SCVMHost
$HostRatings = @(Get-SCVMHostRating -VMHost $VMHosts -VMConfiguration $VMConfig | where {$_.Rating -gt 0} | sort -Property Rating -Descending)
If ($HostRating.Count -eq 0) {throw "No hosts meet the placement requirements."}
$VMHost = $HostRatings[0].vmhost

# Set the host on the virtual machine configuration.
Set-SCVMConfiguration -VMConfiguration $VMConfig -VMHost $VMHost
Update-SCVMConfiguration -VMConfiguration $VMConfig

# Create a virtual machine for the service.
$VM = New-SCVirtualMachine -Name "NewServiceVM01" -VMConfigurationScaleOut $VMConfig

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