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Selecting Data

As part of the BSV model, Message Analyzer provides a data selection feature that enables you to define the scope of the information you want to retrieve. To use this feature, you configure data selection prior to starting the actual data retrieval process. Note that data selection applies to retrieving saved data in a Browse Session or live data in a Trace Session. During the retrieval process, the selection criteria you configured is applied. This enables you to narrow the focus of the data retrieval process to only the message data that you want to work with. Data selection primarily consists of using filters to retrieve only the type of message data that you choose, while blocking all data that does not specifically meet your designated filtering criteria. However, other aspects of data selection consist of the following:

  • Setting the import file configuration in a Browse Session with the use of checkmarks on the files in the Import files list to select specific data.

  • Adding a Time Filter that selects data according to the window of time you specify in a Browse Session.

  • Choosing the providers to use in a Trace Session, along with specifying provider configuration settings and filters, enables you to select specific data from a live trace.

Moreover, Message Analyzer data selection features are available for each of its data acquisition paths. The Message Analyzer components that enable data selection in these paths consist of Selection Filtersand Time Filters when importing data, and Fast Filters and Trace Filters when capturing live data. With these components, you can do the following:

  • Select specific historical data — you can use a Selection Filter to select specific data to be retrieved from the data sources that you specify in a Browse Session.

    When you import data from a .matu, .cap, or text log file in a Browse Session, you can use a Time Filter to select data. With this feature, you can configure a window of time in which to retrieve messages. Although some data sets such as log files can be very large, Message Analyzer enables you to focus on specific subsets of data based on time window filtering to reduce data loading time and obtain better performance.

  • Select specific live data — you can use a Fast Filter or Trace Filter to select specific data to be captured in a live Trace Session.

    Tip  You can also filter trace data by applying a View Filter in an Analysis Session. Note that while you can remove the effects of a View Filter on trace results, the effects of a Fast Filter or Trace Filter are inherent to a given set of trace results and cannot be changed.

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