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Automatically Deploying Software Packages to Devices and Users in Windows Intune

Updated: February 28, 2013

Applies To: Windows Intune

After a software package is uploaded or migrated to Windows Intune, you can deploy it to client computers and mobile devices that are managed by Windows Intune. This topic describes how to deploy software by using the Windows Intune Software Publisher.

For information about how to view the status of deployed software, see Monitoring the Deployment Status in Windows Intune.

Using the Deploy Software Wizard

This topic describes the procedure for deploying software to a group that you create.

To deploy a managed software package

  1. Open the Windows Intune administrator console.

  2. Open the Software workspace.

  3. In the Software navigation pane, click Managed Software.

  4. Select the title of the software package that you want to deploy, and then click Manage Deployment.

    You can select multiple items to be deployed by using the Shift key. If you select both mobile device applications and computer software, you will only be able to deploy the software as an Available Install.

  5. On the Select Groups page, select the user and device groups to which you want to deploy the software, by highlighting them in the left pane and clicking Add to move them to the Selected Groups pane.

    If you add a group, and then use the Remove button to remove that group from the deployment, software will not be deployed to the group and all other settings related to this deployment will not be applied to the group.

    For more information about creating groups and group considerations, see Device and User Group Considerations in Windows Intune.

  6. On the Deployment Action page, in the Deployment column for device groups, or the Approval column for users groups, click the drop-down menu, and then select one of the following:

    • Available Install: Available installation software is deployed to a user group and will be available for installation in the Windows Intune company portal.

    • Required Install: Software that is deployed as a required installation will be installed automatically for all members of a device group to which it is installed.

      Only computer software can be deployed as a Required Install. This option is not applicable to mobile device applications.

    • Do Not Install: Software that is deployed with do not install parameters will not be available to the members of the group to which the software is deployed.

    • Uninstall: Setting software to uninstall in the deployment will uninstall the software for all members of the group to which it is deployed.

      Only computer software can be uninstalled automatically. This option is not relevant for mobile device applications.

  7. To define a timeline for the software package to be deployed, click the drop-down menu in the Deadline column, and select one of the following options:

    • None: This option deploys the software based on the agent policy settings.

    • As soon as possible: This option deploys the software after Windows Intune scans the client computers in the targeted computer groups during the next synchronization. For more information about how to schedule synchronization, see Windows Intune Agent Policy.

    • One week: This option deploys the software package one calendar week from the current day.

    • Two weeks: This option deploys the software package two calendar weeks from the current day.

    • One month: This option deploys the software package one calendar month from the current day.

    • Custom: This option lets you set a specific date and time for the software package to deploy.

    Deploying software may take longer than expected. It can take up to an hour before newly deployed software is available to users.

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