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Monitoring the Deployment Status in Windows Intune

Updated: November 1, 2013

Applies To: Windows Intune

After you have deployed your software package, you can monitor its status and view statistics in the Windows Intune administrator console in the Managed Software page.

Statistics for mobile applications will be displayed only if there are users to whom the application was deployed or if there are users who attempted to download the application.

  1. Open the Windows Intune administrator console.

  2. Open the Software workspace.

    In the Software navigation pane, click Managed Software.

    If you click any software in the list, the preview pane below the list displays the status of the software and general information about the software.

    Available user statistics relate to the number of users to whom the application is currently available; whereas the number of download attempts relates to all attempted downloads over time by any users to whom the application was available at any point.

  3. You can filter the list to view specific software or mobile applications, by opening the Filters menu and selecting the filter to restrict the displayed list of managed software.

  1. In the Managed Software page, click any software or application in the list and the preview pane below the list displays the status of the software and general information.

  2. You can drill down into the software or application for more information by double clicking on the software or by highlighting it in the table and then clicking View Properties. The following tabs are displayed:

    1. General: provides details and clickable links of the software or application status and details, and provides the following tasks that can be performed on the software: manage the deployment, delete the software or application, edit the software or application, and add an agreement. You can perform the manage deployment and delete tasks for multiple software or applications simultaneously.

    2. Users: provides the list of users to which the software or application was deployed.

    3. Computers: This tab is available for computer software only. It provides the list of computers to which the software was deployed as a required install.

  1. In the Software workspace, click Detected Software and then select the software title that is of interest.

  2. In the preview pane, click the Installation Count number.

    A list of all computers that are running the selected software are displayed together with the following information:

    • The names of all client computers that are running the selected software.

    • The operating system that each client computer is running.

    • The version of the selected software that is running on each computer.

    • Whether the instance of the selected software is virtual or installed. Icons that are displayed next to each computer name identify the computer as virtual or physical.

    • The last time that the computer reported software inventory to Windows Intune.

    You can retrieve additional information about any computer in the list by double-clicking the computer name.

  3. To return to the full list of managed software, click Managed Software in the navigation pane.

  1. Click the Add Agreements menu.

  2. Select Volume Licensing Agreements… or Other Software Agreement….

    This action takes you out of the Software workspace into the Licenses workspace.

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