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Enroll Windows Phone 8 Devices in Windows Intune Direct Management

Updated: November 1, 2013

Applies To: Windows Intune

Enrollment establishes a relationship among a user who is provisioned in Windows Intune, the user’s device, and the Windows Intune service. Users must enroll their devices in Windows Intune to access and install applications that you distribute. Enrollment enables the following:

  • Windows Intune to identify the device

  • Windows Intune to identify the user of the device

  • The device to contact the Windows Intune service

  • The Windows Intune service to contact the device through a notification service

  • Windows Intune and the device to exchange management communications securely

  • Follow-up tasks, such as hardware inventory and the application of security policies, to be triggered

Enroll Windows Phone 8 devices

  1. Before users enroll their devices in Windows Intune direct management, make sure that you complete the following steps:

    1. Provision users in Windows Intune. The process of provisioning defines device owners as managed users in Windows Intune. To provision users, you need to add users to the Windows Intune account portal. After provisioning is complete, users appear and can be managed in the Windows Intune administrator console. For information about how to provision users in Windows Intune, see the “Adding Users and Security Groups” section in the Windows Intune Getting Started Guide.

    2. Set up Windows Intune Direct Management for Windows Phone 8 Mobile Devices.

    3. Set up application distribution so that users can access and install available applications on the devices that they have enrolled in Windows Intune. For information about how to set up application distribution, see Adding and Deploying Software in Windows Intune.

  2. Send a notification email to inform users that they can connect their devices to Windows Intune, so that they can access and install available applications and perform other tasks.

    If you did not configure DNS settings to enable automatic detection of a Windows Intune enrollment server, in your notification email, you must provide users with the following server enrollment server address: manage.microsoft.com. Users must enter this address when they are prompted to connect to Windows Intune and begin the enrollment process.

  3. As part of the enrollment process, they must enter their Windows Intune user ID. Or, if Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) 2.0 is deployed in your environment, they can specify their existing on-premises Active Directory credentials. For information, see Prepare for Single Sign-On.

    During enrollment, the Windows Intune service checks to confirm that:

    • The account for your organization is active.

    • The user is provisioned in Windows Intune.

    • The user has not exceeded the maximum allowed number of devices per user. Each user who is provisioned in Windows Intune can enroll a maximum of five devices.

  4. The names of the devices that users enroll should appear in the Windows Intune administrator console within a few hours of enrollment.

    For additional information about device enrollment, see Implications of Enrolling a Device by Using the Company Portal.

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