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Use Setup Assistant to determine Office 365 readiness


Applies to: Office 365 Enterprise

Topic Last Modified: 2014-04-10

Summary: Describes how to use Setup Assistant for Office 365 to check deployment readiness.

Setup Assistant for Microsoft Office 365 for enterprises includes an app that helps you gather configuration information about your environment in order to recommend a deployment path. It then performs automated checks against your environment to make sure you’re ready to deploy the selected services.

Setup Assistant accelerates your deployment timeline by recommending a deployment path, verifying readiness to proceed with setup, and providing targeted procedures that you can step through to complete your Office 365 setup.

Setup Assistant app gathers the following discovery information:

  • On-premises infrastructure servers and components

    • Network architecture and Domain Name System (DNS) settings

    • Authentication solutions

    • Directory design

    • Bandwidth

    • Mail routing, mail and other client applications, mail archiving and compliance

    • Certificates

    • Hardware and software

  • Current Office 365 configuration, including:

    • Any custom domains you may have set up

    • DNS settings already configured

    • Current service settings

After deployment recommendations are accepted, Setup Assistant runs automated readiness checks to identify potential blocking issues for the selected options and make sure you’re ready to deploy:

  • Office Setup

    We'll check your PC’s Outlook configuration as well as several other Office settings.

  • Computer Settings

    We’ll check to see you have the latest updates on your PC, Internet browsers, and other configuration settings.

  • Domains

    We’ll check your Office 365 domains and DNS settings to verify that you're good to go with the updates you need to complete your domain registration.

  • Users and Groups

    We'll check if your organization uses Active Directory, and we’ll evaluate if you’re ready for directory synchronization and single sign-on.

The Setup Assistant app doesn’t make changes to your computer, and doesn’t store any data about your setup.

  1. Log on to a computer in your organization by using administrator credentials. If your organization uses a domain, make sure this is a domain-joined computer.

  2. On the same computer, log onto your Office 365 tenant by using administrator credentials.

  3. If your Office 365 tenant is on its first 30 days, on Welcome, Office 365 is ready to go page, choose Configure Office 365.

    Or, in the Office 365 admin center, choose the setup tab.

  4. On Setup Assistant page, make sure your computer meets the software requirements listed. If not, you can choose any of the provided links to install the missing items.

    Choose next to install the Setup Assistant app.

    If you choose continue without installing app, you will be directed to a list of feature selections that give you options to manually setup your Office 365 experience.

  5. After the app has installed it will first collect discovery information about your current setup and make recommendations for how to best move forward to setting up Office 365.

    You can, at any time during the scans opt out by choosing cancel.
  6. After you accept deployment recommendations, the app will run automated readiness checks to make sure your environment is ready to move to Office 365. Readiness checks will alert you to potential issues that can block deployment and help you fix them.

  7. Setup assistant dashboard will list overview topics that help you review the next steps, and it will also list procedures that you will need to step through to complete your setup.

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