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IDTSManagedComponentHost100 Interface

This API supports the SQL Server 2012 infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.

Contains hosts for the IDTSManagedComponent100 objects.

Namespace:  Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Pipeline.Wrapper
Assembly:  Microsoft.SqlServer.DTSPipelineWrap (in Microsoft.SqlServer.DTSPipelineWrap.dll)
public interface IDTSManagedComponentHost100

The IDTSManagedComponentHost100 type exposes the following members.

Public propertyHostBufferManagerInfrastructure. Sets the buffer manager instance of the host.
Public propertyHostComponentMetaDataInfrastructure. Sets the component metadata instance of the host.
Public propertyHostEventInfosInfrastructure. Sets the event information instance of the host.
Public propertyHostLogEntryInfosInfrastructure. Sets the log entry information instance of the host.
Public propertyHostReferenceTrackerSets the reference tracker instance of the host.
Public propertyHostVariableDispenserInfrastructure. Sets the variable dispenser instance of the host.
Public methodHostAcquireConnectionsInfrastructure. Acquires host connections.
Public methodHostCheckAndPerformUpgradeInfrastructure. Checks the host and performs upgrade.
Public methodHostCleanupInfrastructure. Performs a host cleanup.
Public methodHostDeleteExternalMetadataColumnInfrastructure. Deletes the host external metadata column.
Public methodHostDeleteInputInfrastructure. Deletes the input associated with t6he host.
Public methodHostDeleteOutputInfrastructure. Deletes output associated with the host.
Public methodHostDeleteOutputColumnInfrastructure. Deletes host output column.
Public methodHostDescribeRedirectedErrorCodeInfrastructure. Describes the redirected error codes for the host.
Public methodHostInsertExternalMetadataColumnAtInfrastructure. Inserts host metadata column at specified index.
Public methodHostInsertInputInfrastructure. Inserts host input.
Public methodHostInsertOutputInfrastructure. Inserts host output.
Public methodHostInsertOutputColumnAtInfrastructure. Inserts host output column at specified index.
Public methodHostMapInputColumnInfrastructure. Locates the host input column.
Public methodHostMapOutputColumnInfrastructure. Locates the host output column.
Public methodHostOnDeletingInputColumnInfrastructure. Represents an event when the host deletes the input column.
Public methodHostOnInputPathAttachedInfrastructure. Represents an event when host attaches the input path.
Public methodHostOnInputPathDetachedInfrastructure. Represents an event when the host detaches the input path.
Public methodHostOnOutputPathAttachedInfrastructure. Represents an event when the host attaches the output path.
Public methodHostPostExecuteInfrastructure. Specifies the host after execution.
Public methodHostPreExecuteInfrastructure. Specifies the host before execution.
Public methodHostPrepareForExecuteInfrastructure. Prepares the host for execution.
Public methodHostPrimeOutputRepresents the host prime output.
Public methodHostProcessInputInfrastructure. Represents the host prime input.
Public methodHostProvideComponentPropertiesInfrastructure. Provides the component properties for the host.
Public methodHostReinitializeMetaDataInfrastructure. Reinitializes the host metadata.
Public methodHostReleaseConnectionsInfrastructure. Releases the host connection.
Public methodHostSetComponentPropertyInfrastructure. Sets the host component property.
Public methodHostSetExternalMetadataColumnDataTypePropertiesInfrastructure. Sets the host external metadata column data type properties.
Public methodHostSetExternalMetadataColumnPropertyInfrastructure. Sets the host external metadata column property.
Public methodHostSetInputColumnPropertyInfrastructure. Sets the host input column property.
Public methodHostSetInputPropertyInfrastructure. Sets the host input property.
Public methodHostSetOutputColumnDataTypePropertiesInfrastructure. Sets the host output column data type properties.
Public methodHostSetOutputColumnPropertySets the host output column property.
Public methodHostSetOutputPropertyInfrastructure. Sets the host output property.
Public methodHostSetUsageTypeInfrastructure. Sets the host usage type.
Public methodHostValidateInfrastructure. Validates the host.
Public methodInstantiateInfrastructure. Instantiates the IDTSManagedComponentHost100.
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