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Office 365 adoption and learning

Welcome to your complete office in the cloud! We know you’re eager to get everyone working with Office 365, so we've pulled together all the information you need to inspire your users to work in new ways and get them up and running quickly.

Choose an Office 365 change management plan

Businesses of all sizes benefit from a supportive, purposeful approach to getting users on board. Use our proven change management guidance to drive adoption and help users make the most of Office 365.

Quick start for small to medium businesses
Follow these essential steps to get everyone going quickly with Office 365.

Change management for the enterprise
Download this comprehensive change management plan with its guidance, samples, and customizable templates to drive adoption in your enterprise.

Learn Office 365 the easy way

Point your users to the Office 365 learning center to get them up, running, and productive in as little as 10 minutes. At their own pace, users can browse the resources to find videos, articles, and in-depth training to gain expertise in the areas that matter to them most.

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