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At the Microsoft Script Center, we are dedicated to the system administrator scripters of the world whom we teach how to use Windows PowerShell to reduce time spent performing mundane tasks.


Windows PowerShell console

Script, Script, Script, Script

Check out this awesome video filmed at TechEd 2014 and produced by Windows PowerShell MVP Sean Kearney: Scripting Cmdlet Style. As a bonus, learn a special scripting hand sign!


  • Carolina IT-ProCon
    September 12, 2014; Charlotte, North Carolina

    Carolina IT-ProCon will include presentations from some of the nation’s top technology professionals, including Jim Christopher speaking about Windows PowerShell.

Check out Project Siena!

Hey scripters, check out the new Windows app-building tool from Microsoft— Project Siena—that will help you build custom Windows apps in a flash.

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