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The Windows PowerShell Toolbox

Essential tools and resources for working with Windows PowerShell. If you don't already have it installed, download Windows PowerShell. Are we missing something here? If so, drop us a line and let us know.

Script Editors

  • Admin Script Editor

    A suite of tools for authoring Windows PowerShell scripts including a graphical form designer, integrated debugger and drag and drop Windows PowerShell code authoring.

  • PowerGUI

    A free script editor that doubles as a fully-extensible administrative console.

  • PowerSE—Professional PowerShell Script Editor

    PowerSE's advanced script editor, interactive console, integrated Help, and powerful debugger make developing Windows PowerShell scripts easier than ever.

    This is a free download!

  • PowerShell Analyzer

    As much an interactive environment for running scripts as it is a development environment for writing scripts.

  • Sapien Primal Script

    Windows PowerShell scripting as only Sapien can bring to you.

Cmdlets and Software


  • Windows PowerShell Cookbook, Second Edition

    Microsoft’s Lee Holmes brings you hundreds of “recipes” explaining how you can use Windows PowerShell to do everything from monitor a file or folder to managing services to manage Active Directory.

  • Windows PowerShell Course Book

    Frank Koch’s free book provides “An introduction to scripting technologies for people with no real background knowledge.”

  • Windows PowerShell in Action

    The inside scoop on Windows PowerShell from Bruce Payette, co-designer of the Windows PowerShell language.

  • Windows PowerShell Step-by-Step

    Ed Wilson’s self-paced tutorial is designed to take you from Windows PowerShell newbie to Windows PowerShell aficionado in just a few easy lessons.

  • Windows PowerShell: TFM

    The ubiquitous Don Jones and Jeffrey Hicks were first out of the gate with their recently-updated book on Windows PowerShell.

Web Sites

  • $cript Fanatic

    Tips and tricks from $hay@Israel.

  • CodePlex

    An open source community Web site featuring Windows PowerShell extensions and add-ins.

  • Get-PowerShellBlog

    Courtesy of Marco Shaw, Windows PowerShell MVP.

  • Keith Hill’s Blog

    Don’t miss Keith’s “Effective PowerShell” series.


    A new Web site featuring community-powered blogs, wikis, forums, and sample scripts, as well as news and events regarding Windows PowerShell and the Windows PowerShell community.

  • Precision Computing

    Random musings (and sample code, tons of sample code) from Lee Holmes, Windows PowerShell developer and author.

  • Richard Siddaway’s Blog

    Richard is a Windows PowerShell whiz, and a prime mover behind the UK Windows PowerShell Users Group.

  • Under the Stairs

    From Thomas Lee, one of the top contributors to MSDN’s community content.

  • Windows PowerShell Podcasts

    Jonathan Walz and Hal Rottenberg offer Windows PowerShell tips, news, and interviews. Don’t miss the Windows PowerShell One-Liners and the Cmdlet of the Week.

  • Windows PowerShell Team Blog

    The official word on Windows PowerShell, with regular posts from Jeffrey Snover and other members of the Windows PowerShell team.

  • Windows PowerShell Wiki

    An outstanding collection of Windows PowerShell scripts, articles, links, and other resources.