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Bounty Hunters: The Honor Roll

The following researchers have submitted a qualifying vulnerability or new mitigation bypass techniques to Microsoft as part of the Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC) Bounty Programs. We thank them greatly for their participation and for working with us to help keep customers safe.

Please send vulnerability reports or questions about the Microsoft Bounty Programs to

Total bounties paid to date: Over $300,000.00

Mitigation Bypass

James Forshaw
Context Security$100,0002013
Fermin J. Serna
Google, Inc$25,0002013
Yu Yang
NSFOCUSSecurity Labs$100,0002013

Online Services

NameLinkVulnerabilities FoundMonth-Year
Adi Ivascu 7November 2014
Aditya Gujar http://www.betterhacker.com1November 2014
Alex Davies https://pwndizzle.blogspot.com1November 2014
Darius Petrescu 2014
Frans Rosén https://detectify.com2November 2014
Jakub Żoczek http://zoczus.blogspot.com2November 2014
John Koerner http://johnkoerner.com1November 2014
Juan Sacco Juan Sacco Exploit Pack http://exploitpack.com1November 2014
Mariano Di Martino 1November 2014
Mathias Karlsson 1November 2014
Olivier Beg 1November 2014
Ravindra Rathore 2014
Romi Swami 2014
Sergey Markov 1November 2014
Stephen Sclafani http://stephensclafani.com2November 2014
Wesley www.synack.com5November 2014
Mariano Di Martino 1October 2014
Darius Petrescu 2014
Adi Ivascu 1September 2014
Mathias Karlsson http://avlidienbrunn.se1September 2014
Stephen Sclafani http://stephensclafani.com3September 2014

Internet Explorer 11 Preview (PROGRAM CLOSED)

NameCompanyVulnerabilities FoundAmount AwardedDonation to CharityYear
James Forshaw
Context Security4$4,400
* Received $5,000 bonus for finding cool IE design vulnerabilities
Fermin J. Serna
Google, Inc1$500100% to Save the Seattle Humane Society2013
Jose Antonio Vazquez Gonzalez Yenteasy - Security Research5$5,500$1,100 to World Food Program USA2013
Ivan Fratric Google, Inc. Security Team1$1,100100% to Save the Children Fund2013
Masato Kinugawa 2$2,200 2013
Peter Vreugdenhil Exodus Intelligence1*Tier 1 2013

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