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Getting started with SharePoint Server 2010 for IT pros

Use these 11 modules to help you learn what SharePoint Server 2010 can do for you, how it works, how to create a site, and more. For additional information, see SharePoint Server 2010 advanced IT pro training and Get started developing on SharePoint 2010.

To play a video lesson, click the module title, and then lick the title tile. Downloads for the videos are available later on this page.

Video downloads

To download, right-click each link and save target to your desktop.

Module 1: What Can SharePoint Server 2010 Do for Me?
This module introduces SharePoint Server 2010 capabilities to IT pros. Concepts covered include document sharing, lists, alerts, team sites, metadata, and more.

Module 2 | How SharePoint Server 2010 Works
This module covers software and hardware requirements and the basic concepts of SharePoint Server 2010.

Module 3 | Simple Install for Testing in SharePoint Server 2010
This module covers the process of using SharePoint Server 2010 to create a single server environment for testing.

Module 4 | Search in SharePoint Server 2010
This module helps you learn about the search capabilities in SharePoint Server 2010. Learn which content sources you can crawl to create an index, how to schedule crawls, and find out about IFilters for third-party file types.

Module 5 | Backups in SharePoint Server 2010
This module covers new backup features in SharePoint Server 2010. It teaches you how to back up your content not only by using the user interface, but also by using Windows PowerShell. You will also learn how to restore content from an unattached database.

Module 6 | Creating Your First Web Application, Site Collection and Web in SharePoint Server 2010
This module helps you create the first site on a SharePoint farm by using SharePoint Server 2010. Learn how to create Web applications, site collections, and Web sites.

Module 7 | Getting Started with Security in SharePoint Server 2010
This module covers security in SharePoint Server 2010. The module includes how to give users permissions to the content, as well as who can access Central Administration and manage the service applications.

Module 8 | Windows PowerShell for SharePoint Server 2010 Administrators
This module covers Windows PowerShell basics and how administrators can manage SharePoint Server 2010 by using cmdlets.

Module 9 | Tools to Optimize the Performance of SharePoint Server 2010
This module covers performance-related tools to manage resources, troubleshoot problems, and increase performance in SharePoint Server 2010.

Module 10 | Introduction to Upgrade in SharePoint Server 2010
This module covers the upgrade process and options available to go from Office SharePoint Server 2007 to SharePoint Server 2010.

Module 11 | Service Applications and Topologies in SharePoint Server 2010
This module explores how SharePoint 2010 provides services in a flexible and scalable architecture. Service applications are not just for SharePoint Server; SharePoint Foundation has the architecture as well.

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