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SQL Server - Analysis Services Multidimensional Data

Microsoft's portal for SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS). This site aggregates the best content we can find for SSAS including virtual labs, tutorials, videos, training, troubleshooting, how to, getting started, blogs, news, and more.




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SQL Server – Analysis Services Multidimensional Data (SSAS)

Running MDX Studio against SQL 2012
Wednesday, Apr 16 (Darren Gosbell)
BISM Drillthrough Capabilities
Wednesday, Apr 16 (Teo Lachev)
SQL Server Analysis Services Perspectives
Wednesday, Apr 16 (Scott Murray)
Format the week number in your Power Pivot date table
Monday, Apr 14 (Erik Svensen)
5 Tools for Understanding BISM Storage
Monday, Apr 14 (Teo Lachev)
Analysis Services Security: Multiple Roles in Tabular vs. Multidimensional - Part 2
Monday, Apr 14 (Gerhard Brueckl)
SSIS: Creating Dynamic Data-driven SSAS Partitions
Monday, Apr 14 (Benny Austin)

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Although Paul Turley is best known as a Reporting Services MVP, he is also a developer of cubes and tabular models. His latest book describes how to create reports using both model types, in either Reporting Services or Power View.

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