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Plan for SQL Server 2014

Find information about SQL Server installation and upgrade. See solutions for SQL Server installation problems. Read the latest about SQL Server install and upgrade. Watch videos that show step-by-step installation of a SQL Server stand-alone or failover cluster instance.

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Plan for SQL Server 2014 | TechNet

CHange Licencing Mode SQL Server 2014
Guys... I need to know. Is possible to change licensing mode from SQL Server 2014/Carl to Sq server 2014/ Core with out re... more
Sunday, Sep 21
SQL SERVER 2014 installation error Could not write value to key \SOFTWARE
Hi, I want to install in my computer SQL Server 2014 Enterprise Edition. I'm running, 8GB RAM, W8.1, a terabyte size. I've re... more
Sunday, Sep 21
I need help installing SQL Server 2012 Express
I am very much an amateur. I got a new machine. The old one had Server 2008 R2 but the recommendation was that I need to move... more
Saturday, Sep 20


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Plan for SQL Server 2014 | TechNet

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Plan for SQL Server 2014 | TechNet