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Operate SQL Server 2000

Find resources and tools to help you better manage your SQL Server 2005 infrastructure and troubleshoot issues.


Support Changes for SQL Server 2000

What's Happening

On April 9, 2013, Extended Support for SQL Server 2000 will come to an end, and SQL Server 2000 will no longer be supported. At this time:

  • Self-Help Online Support will be available for a minimum of 12 months. Example: Microsoft online Knowledge Base articles, FAQs, troubleshooting tools, and other resources, that help customers resolve common issues.
  • Updates to this software will stop and customers will no longer receive patches, including security updates.

What Are Your Options

  • Upgrade to a supported version of SQL Server.
  • Find out more about a Custom Support Agreement (CSA).
  • Run SQL Server 2000 unsupported with access to Self-Help Online Support only (not recommended).

For more information, see Support Updates.


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SQL Server 2000

If you are using SQL Server 2000 and have applied SP3, you do not need to apply SP3a. SP3a is only for SQL Server 2000 users who have not applied any versions of SP3. However, you should use SP3a rather than SP3 moving forward.

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