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Ensure the Compliance of Devices

Configuration Manager provides tools to manage the compliance of devices in your organization to ensure that they all contain consistent configurations and settings. Configuration Manager can automatically remediate many settings when they are found to be noncompliant.

System Center 2012 Configuration Manager SP1 contains new capabilities you can use to manage roaming profiles, offline files, and folder redirection on computers that run Windows 8 in your organization.


The following topics cover key tasks that can help you to unify your IT management infrastructure by ensuring that settings on devices are compliant across your organization.

Before you begin

Review the following information to understand the basic concepts for how to manage compliance in Configuration Manager.


Creating configuration data

Information that defines compliance for devices in your organization is stored as settings in configuration items. One or more of these configuration items is then added to a configuration baseline, enabling you to define complex configuration scenarios for your devices. The following topics help you to learn about how to configure and manage configuration data.


Deploying configuration baselines

After you have created configuration baselines, you can then deploy these to collections of devices in your organization where they will be evaluated, and if necessary, remediated. You can also deploy configuration items to Windows 8 computers that contain settings for roaming profiles, offline files, and folder redirection.


Monitoring configuration baselines

Configuration Manager generates detailed statistics about compliance settings that help you monitor the compliance of devices and also can help to troubleshoot problems.


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