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Windows 7 Deployment: My Application is Broken and Can’t Get Up! Finding, testing, and fixing applications on Windows 7 with the Application Compatibility Toolkit 5.6 | TechNet Video In Windows 7 migrations application compatibility is an important issue. That’s where the Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT) comes to the rescue. But how does ACT really work? In this session, we dissect the tool to really understand where its strengths are, where its weaknesses are, and why... More...

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Windows 7 Deployment: Everything (well almost everything) you wanted to know about Application Compatibility but were afraid to ask There are many questions and misunderstandings surrounding application compatibility which can leave your customer in a state of fear or worse, paralysis. If you are not already conversant in application compatibility then join us for an overview of the types of questions customers are asking, and t... More...

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