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Virtualization customer story in Belgium


About This Video

Philippe Van Hoe is the head IT advisor for  GO and starts off by talking about:

  • Plans for their organization
  • 2:50 Mission as an IT organization
  • 3:39 Why did they choose Microsoft software over open source

At 4:30 - Bart Bultinck is a systems engineer and consultant at Integrate, who has helped implement some of the IT plans GO has. 

  • 5:02 - What was their motivation to virtualize the environment
  • 5:50 - Configuration
  • 6:37 - Tools used to migrate from physical to virtual
  • 8:49 - Why they choose virtual server over VMWare
  • 9:30 - What the future holds for their environment

At 10:22, Bart whiteboards about a networking problem they had on moving a virtual machine from one host to another.  Bart explains how to use VLANs and virtual networking to resolve this issue.


Published Date: September 19, 2008
Presented By: David Tesar



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