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Using Windows Intune to Distribute Software Applications and Non-Microsoft Updates

Actualizado: noviembre de 2013

Se aplica a: Windows Intune

Windows Intune lets you deploy and install software on computers and mobile devices in your organization. You can accomplish two types of installations using Windows Intune: a required install which automatically installs or pushes the software to managed computers, and an available install which deploys the software, or a link to the software, to the Portal de empresa de Windows Intune so that users can choose whether to install it on their computers or mobile devices. These two types of installations necessitate different considerations when deploying software.

Please ensure that you have the appropriate licenses to upload, distribute and use this software.

The following terms help in understanding the process:

  • Managed software is any software that you deploy to your organization using Windows Intune.

  • Detected software lists an inventory of any product or program that exists on managed computers.

  • Required install is any software that you deploy using Windows Intune that you want to be installed without user interaction on the users’ computer.

  • Available install is any software that you deploy to be made available for targeted users on the Portal de empresa de Windows Intune or on mobile devices.

The topics in this section include step-by-step procedures for software distribution.

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