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Evénements pour les professionnels IT

Cette page comprend des liens vers des événements à venir, tels que des salons professionnels, des briefings techniques et des manifestations des groupes d'utilisateurs, qu'ils soient organisés directement par Microsoft ou par des tiers, ainsi que des présentations techniques en ligne, des podcasts et d'autres ressources à la demande.


Community Events


Webinar - Don’t gridlock your own digital highway but monitor it with SCOM…


We all know how annoying it is to drive over a bad maintained road… Well your users are experiencing the same feeling if you are not maintaining your IT infrastructure. Hopefully most of the time it’s just a small bump in the road and people can carry on what they are doing on your systems but imagine a bridge collapsing and all traffic just stops? Prevent becoming gridlocked because of bad maintenance but see the problems coming beforehand and deal with them by using SCOM.

Join this session to fix your roads where necessary and keep them open for your virtual traffic.

Speaker: Dieter Wijckmans

Event style: IT Pro Webinars


IT Camp - Infrastructure Modernization


Join us for a hands-on, expert led Microsoft IT Camp “Modernizing your Infrastructure with Microsoft’s Cloud OS”

Windows Server 2012 R2 is the most significant release of Windows Server to date. While you know that it’s time to modernize your datacenter and to upgrade your existing services to this new server platform, you are faced with a number of unique challenges to ensure a seamless transition.

Event style: IT camps


Webinar - How to leverage Azure for Backup & Disaster Recovery


So you want to get your data offsite. Ever thought of using Azure for that? It is a perfect platform to store your secondary backups in the 3-2-1 rule to an offsite location and secure yourself in case you really are into trouble. No more hassling with tapes, no more expensive secondary “cold” location just to have your backups offsite. Azure and Azure with Service Providers is exactly what you need.

Speaker: Mike Resseler

Event style: IT Pro Webinars