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Learn and Prepare for Windows Intune

Mis à jour: novembre 2013

S'applique à: Windows Intune

The following topics will help you get started with Windows Intune, which helps keep your computers up-to-date and secure, and lets your users more securely access and install available licensed software applications and perform other common tasks, without the need to involve your organization’s IT help desk.

  • En savoir plus sur les fonctionnalités de Windows Intune

    This topic provides resources for learning about the tasks that you can perform in the Console Administrateur Windows Intune and Portail de compte Windows Intune, information about the Portail d'entreprise Windows Intunes and the new Company App for Windows Phone 8, which lets your users install available licensed software and perform other common tasks without the need to involve your organization’s IT help desk, and new Mobile Device Management features. Resources for learning about what’s new in this release of Windows Intune and answers to questions that you may have as you evaluate whether to use Windows Intune in your environment are also provided.

  • Notes de publication pour Windows Intune

    This topic will help you learn about known issues in this release of Windows Intune.

  • Connexion à la communauté Windows Intune et support technique

    This topic provides resources to help you connect with the Windows Intune community, check the status of the Windows Intune service, find documentation to help you troubleshoot issues, open a support request, and provide feedback about Windows Intune.

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