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Forefront Online Protection for Exchange


Topic Last Modified: 2011-09-20

Welcome to the Microsoft® Forefront® Online Protection for Exchange (FOPE) documentation. In the following sections you will find the FOPE User Guide, the spam quarantine mailbox documentation, the Exchange Hosted Archive (EHA) Quick Start Guide and User Guide, the FOPE tools and add-ins documentation, and information about new features.

FOPE User Guide - Entry page for the FOPE User Guide, which provides an overview of the FOPE service and includes links to topics regarding setup, best practices, and configuration via the various tabs in the FOPE Administration Center.

FOPE Spam Quarantine Mailbox - Helps an email recipient understand the FOPE spam quarantine mailbox, describes quarantine features, and indicates whom to notify if a message is incorrectly identified as spam.

Get Help and Technical Support for FOPE - Describes how to open a support incident via the FOPE Administration Center, by telephone, or through the Microsoft Premier Support Online Portal.

Exchange Hosted Archive (EHA) User Guide - Provides information about how to use the Exchange Hosted Archive, which is a message archiving and compliance system. In the guide, you can access help topics regarding EHA setup, configuration, and administration. You can also access help topics that discuss accessing and navigating the Archive Viewer, working with messages, and accessing Archive Viewer reports.

Exchange Hosted Archive (EHA) Quick Start Guide – Provides essential information for configuring the Exchange Hosted Archive so you can invest minimal time before using it.

Exchange Hosted Email Encryption Service Subscription in FOPE - Introduces the Exchange Hosted Email Encryption Service, which can safely deliver confidential business communications.

Tools and Add Ins - Provides links to topics that describe the Directory Sync Tool, which synchronizes your organization’s directory with FOPE, and the Junk E-mail Reporting Add-in for Microsoft Office Outlook, which provides you with the means to report spam.

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