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SQL Server 2005

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Changes in SQL Server 2005 Support

What's Happening

On April 12, 2011, SQL Server 2005 transitioned from Mainstream Support to Extended Support, which includes:

  • Paid support (charged on an hourly basis per incident). Customers will no longer receive no-charge incident support and warranty claims, and won’t be able to request design changes or features.
  • Security update support at no additional cost.
  • Non-security related hotfix support will require a separate Extended Hotfix Support Agreement to be purchased within 90 days of the end of Mainstream Support – July 11th, 2011.

What Are Your Options

  • Remain on SQL Server 2005 with Extended Support. You can still open support incidents and receive support, however you will not be able to request specific fixes.
  • Remain on SQL Server 2005 with Extended Support and purchase Extended Hotfix Support. You can then open support incidents and request specific fixes.
  • Upgrade to a supported version of SQL Server.

For more information, see Support Updates.

Download Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 4

Includes SQL Server 2005 SP3 cumulative update 1 to 11, customer requested fixes, along with instances of the SQL Server 2005 SP4 Database Engine support for DAC operations.



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